Lobra | About us


Lobra is a consulting company specialising in the development of ERP (Enterprise Resource Planning) solutions for international projects integrating technology, systems and corporate processes.


Updating the entire value chain, exploiting technology’s potential to turn it into a strategic asset, and developing solutions to enhance customers’ productivity: such goals are achieved through a service dedicated to excellence and based on a method of proven success. Following in the footsteps of Aristotle, we also can claim that excellence has become a consolidated habit.


The experience of a group of professionally qualified persons with over 15 years’ work in the sector – but still animated by their original stimulus, passion and visionary ideas – with a shared capacity to establish relations with customers based on reciprocal trust, common objectives and the prospect of success, means that all our projects are completed in the best manner possible.


We operate in a market predicated on innovation and undergoing rapid transformation. In such a dynamic scenario, if change is to be managed it must, first and foremost, be anticipated. Thus, with our sights set high, and eyes fixed on the far horizon, we are ready to meet the challenges posed by digital transformation.


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